Join the Pitch House team in the area of your preference. We get entrepreneurs to build irresistible companies that clients, investors and potential buyers simply can't ignore.


The great perks of working

at Pitch House

Dynamically Remote

We embrace remote working while still being available by times for physical meetups. Powered by automations and tech we live our work with balance.

Stock Option

We love to see each of our team members as entrepreneurs within their job. In order to incentivize that we make all employees shareholders :)

Medical insurance

Medical Insurance is part of each and every contract to keep our team members in perfect health conditions.

Live the 7 Day Weekend

We believe that we live to work and not work to live. This means you'll be the architect of your own work week. Quality deliverables over quantity.


“Working for Pitch House has been wonderful, packed with learnings and knowledge.”

I have been in the company for two years (and still counting) It has opened a lot of golden opportunities to grow not just professionally, mentally and emotionally.

💭 Abbie CS

We help Entrepreneurs build irresistible businesses that clients, investors and buyers simply can't ignore.

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