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Every week we will invite the global movers and shakers to the show, with the purpose to let you leave this 60-minute break with the golden nuggets to help you propel your business. We discuss the wisdom and successful strategies they deploy to build an awesome business and fulfilling life.

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Our recent episodes

Ep 11: Build Startups That Beat The Test Of Time

Yinglan Tan is the CEO and Founding Managing Partner at Insignia Ventures Partners. He sourced multiple investment opportunities for Sequoia India and has written several books. His latest work, Navigating ASEANnovation. He also hosts a podcast called "On Call with Insignia Ventures" where he dial in calls with the region's innovators and investors.

Ep 10: Be Patient. Product Market Fit Will Set You Up For Scale

Giacomo has been working in the internet industry in Southeast Asia building startups in several countries in Asia. In 2019, he launched Lifepal, an online marketplace for health and life insurances to help customers in choosing and using the right policy fit for their needs.

Ep 9: Managing Your Pivot Like a Pro

Viktor Kyosev decided to do a full 180-degree turn and move to a more dynamic field – entrepreneurship. Ever since he has built from the ground up – start-ups ranging from event planning to education, social entrepreneurship, photography, hospitality, and real estate.

Ep 8: The Remote CEO Builds Online Reputation To Seal Deals

Jakob built Lazada’s Marketplace from zero to 70% of GTV and managed geographical expansion for the group. Before that Jakob was a management consultant for The Boston Consulting Group with projects in Banking and Financial Services.

Ep 7: Building Startups In Bangladesh, the Tech Powerhouse of Coming Decade

A well-traveled man, he has built connections and bonds with a lot of people and companies around the globe. Seeing his track record and list of achievements, he has definitely proven his credibility in a very short period of time.

Ep 6: Translating Awareness Into a Ticket to Superpower Business & Life

Shaan Coelho brings over a decade of experience in the advertising and marketing world to help grow businesses, build partnerships, and innovate organizations. A strategic problem solver with an entrepreneurial spirit, he brings a global perspective to an increasingly connected world.

Ep 5: Propelling Your Startup Through The Covid-Era

Ilya Kravtsov considers this Covid Era the “largest event of our lifetime”. He made mention that when you want to reinvent and innovate, you need to go back in understanding your company’s core competencies. Research and give it a shot!

Ep 4: The Startup Within The Biggest Bank Of South East Asia

As an industrial engineer, he didn't have experience in digital banking but DBS believed that he had the components and so what he had to do was put it into action. The bank betted on him and success happened. His main objective is to not just to be scalable but to grow with profit.

Ep 3: Everything Is Created Twice To Reach Full Potential

Going from a six-digit paycheck as a banker in the Netherlands to zero is definitely a fearless move to make, a risk nobody is willing to take, right? However, having a vision is a definite game-changer. Things are created twice, one is in your mind and the other one is in reality.

Ep 2: How The Global Workforce Gets Work Done Post Covid

From working in the White House to exploring Wall Street and literally the world. Our Outpost Guy who won 2nd place in the dunk contest is set to build a community of living space and workspace. It supports the lifestyle of the younger generation who are working and living whether for weeks or months or years.‍

Ep 1: Driving Incremental Innovation in Business and Life

To the man behind who brought success in the Amazon of South East, transitioning to his new company now was a big gamble. It’s a radical change to imagine but all worth it in the end. Incremental innovation is creating impact and giving meaning to what you do and contributing to societal innovation.

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